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        Guangzhou Sailang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a company integrating R&D, production, sales and engineering services, and has built an efficient and stable professional team. It adopts the most popular IP Webcast system and TCP/IP protocol technology in the world, and has advanced production equipment and inspection instruments; It has established cooperation and development with many world-class professional material and accessory manufacturers, and developed the ip Webcast system and key parts and components, which are imported from abroad. The main products of the company include IP Webcast, traditional broadcasting, wireless broadcasting, conference system, professional audio, and electronic products supporting loudspeaker units. The company has a professional public broadcasting sound reinforcement business unit and a professional entertainment sound business unit, and the products have been successfully applied in schools, military, residential areas, scenic spots, buildings, shopping malls, government units, sports venues and other places. Since its establishment in 1998, the company has always adhered to and implemented a quality management system that complies with the ISO9001:2008 standard, with a clear basis, clear processes, strict implementation, and customer satisfaction quality policy.

        Enterprise Purpose: Professional Technology, Professional Services, Pursuing Better, Sharing Together. Intended to research and develop, manufacture better products, provide higher quality services, and give back to society.

        Adhering to the principle of customer first and quality first, we wholeheartedly provide professional equipment and technical support for the design, supply, installation, and debugging of sound reinforcement systems for leisure and entertainment units.

        The company has two engineering brands: SVLPA EOS