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        IP9000 IP Webcast server


        Function and features:

        1) The software is suitable for use in local area networks, broadband networks, the internet, and 4G cloud broadcasting;

        2) Software running environment: Windows XP, Win 7 32/64 bit, and Win10 can all be used;

        3) Support maximum number of terminals: 10000;

        4) Software implementation: instant music playback, timed music playback, timed collection, broadcast speech, two-way intercom, fire linkage, wireless remote control management, prison patrol, broadcast recording, text to voice playback, offline download, high reliability simulation backup, and other functions;

        5) Software composition: server software, sub control software, Android version mobile app;

        Hardware features: (Due to continuous product optimization, there may be slight differences in appearance configuration)

        1) Screen: 15 inch/17 inch (two options available)

        2) Resolution: 1024 * 768, screen ratio 4:3

        3) Main board: Industrial main board

        4) Processor: J1900 (main frequency 2.0GHz), optional I3, I5, I7

        5) Memory: 4G (optional 8G/16G)

        6) Hard drive: SSD120G

        7) Touch: Resistance touch

        8) Keyboard: Industrial grade pull-out

        9) Keymouse

        10) Interface: 4 * USB, 1 * VGA, 1 * DVI, 2 * Gigabit Ethernet port, 6 * serial port, PS/2 * 1, Lotus interface (two sets of outputs, two sets of inputs, front: 1 * volume knob, 2 * USB, 1 * MIC6.35 port