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        IP9000R IP Webcast software


        IP server software features:

        1) Standard Ethernet protocol, supporting all standard Ethernet protocols such as TCP/IP and UDP;

        2) Network audio transmission, audio decoding, audio playback; Support audio acquisition and sound card acquisition; Support bidirectional intercom between terminals; Support terminal on-demand; Support one click assistance; Support prison patrol function and fire alarm linkage;

        3) Software operation: Windows XP, Wind7 32-bit/64bit, and Windows 10 can all run;

        4) Software installation path: The software is in green version and can be used by copying without installation. It is recommended to copy the software in the root directory of drive D;

        5) Support LAN, Kua network segment, Internet, cloud server, 4G Webcast network and WAN;

        6) The maximum number of single server terminals is 10000, and the more terminals there are, the higher the requirements for server hard disk configuration;

        7) Support playback of all bitrate songs in MP3 format;

        8) Can connect hundreds of sub control software for sub control management;

        9) The software can access hundreds of mobile apps;

        10) Support offline download function;

        11) Support simulated backup function;

        12) Support text to speech function;

        13) Support Webcast notification recording backup function;

        14) Support multiple sets of timed task management functions;

        15) Support 70 level priority permission management function;

        16) Support the management of administrative level broadcasting permissions in different zones;

        17) Support wireless microphone automatic triggering to start collection and broadcast function to the terminal;

        18) The terminal online status, terminal playback status, and timed task status list are clearly displayed;

        19) Support for broadcast recording, backup recording, and easy access.

        APP software features:

        1) Call IP terminals and partitions through mobile apps;

        2) Play songs from your phone to the terminal or partition through a mobile app;

        3) 9 shortcut partition keys can be set, which can be grouped or operated individually;

        4) Send text to the terminal for text broadcasting (terminal support for text function is required).