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        IP9011 Network decoding, network collector



        1) Aluminum alloy panel, 2U metal body;

        2) 1 LAN network interface, 1 external AUX input, 1 AUX local output, and 1 MIC local input;

        3) USB interface, can be inserted into a USB drive to play to the network;

        4) Network audio, AUX, microphone with separate volume adjustment;

        5) Line audio, network audio, microphone audio 1 unit LED light signal strength indicator;

        6) You can access online software upgrades and updates;

        7) You can use a USB flash drive to modify the local IP address and other configuration information of the terminal;

        8) Built in 5-stage equalizer adjustment;

        9) Equipped with 2-level priority function, network audio, microphone priority is the highest, and local AUX input is used again for convenient and fast audio switching;

        10) Equipped with constant voltage backup function, analog signals can be used to ensure normal playback when the network is not connected; (This function is an additional function, and the above quotation does not include this function)

        11) The server's scheduled tasks can be downloaded to the local terminal, and when the server is shut down, a timed bell can be sounded; (This function is an additional function, and the above quotation does not include this function)

        12) Equipped with a 10A relay and a 1-way universal power socket, it automatically opens when playing music;

        13) Standard TCP and IP network protocols, supporting connections such as network segments and bridges;

        14) One button manual activation of the universal power socket function facilitates power supply to the amplifier;

        15) Size: 480 * 320 * 90MM;

        16) Power supply: 220V/50Hz.