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        IP9013 Network decoding, network collector, two-way intercom, 8-zone



        1) Network audio decoding, network audio encoding and collection, 8-channel programmable management, bidirectional intercom in one;

        2) 4.3 inch capacitive touch, graphical interface, and mobile phone like operating experience;

        3) Standard Ethernet protocol, direct access to the switch, real-time online connection with the computer, real-time operation, and control playback;

        4) After connecting to the network, you can open software to control playback and manage power partitions on any computer with an Ethernet network;

        5) Hierarchical management, allowing for switching off low permission playback tasks during high permission playback;

        6) Supports Android APP connection, and can be connected anywhere with 4G signal;

        7) You can use cloud services, or you can use your own computer. You can use your own computer, and the mobile app can only be used on the same WIFI LAN as your computer;

        8) 2-way automatic control power supply, which can also be manually turned on, and 8-way programmable management partition;

        9) One short circuit output port can trigger devices such as power sequencers;

        10) One short circuit input port can trigger an alarm.

        11) Two audio outputs (signal median 350mv), one AUX line input (signal median 300mv), and one microphone input (signal median 5mv).

        12) 1 standard RJ45 Ethernet 100M network port;

        13) Built-in monitoring speaker, which can monitor the content being played;

        14) Microphone, circuit, MP3 playback, monitoring, independent adjustment of 4-channel audio volume;

        15) Set 8-way partition manual start button and 1 power manual start button;

        16) Equipped with 1 USB port, capable of playing USB drives;

        17) 2U standard body, aluminum alloy brushed panel;

        18) Power supply 220V/50Hz