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        IP9015 4 channel network decoding terminal and network collector



        1. Standard 19 inch rack design, all aluminum alloy 2U industrial panel.

        2. The product is based on an embedded system and has extremely high security and excellent stability, supporting 7 × Work 24 hours without interruption.

        3. Standard Ethernet protocol, rich network access methods, including DHCP automatic allocation access, ADSL intelligent dial access, fixed IP address access, etc.

        4.4 independent RJ45 network interfaces, supporting standard Ethernet protocols such as TCP, IP/UDP;

        5.4 audio inputs, 4 audio outputs, 4 independent groups, without interference with each other;

        6.1 MIC input interfaces, which can simultaneously output from four channels CH1 to CH4;

        7.4 channel independent volume adjustment knobs, MIC independent volume adjustment,

        8. Each channel has independent signal level indicator lights, and there are 5 LED indicators for signal size;

        9. With four independent audio decoders, it can simultaneously play four different audio sources to four power amplifiers. Four independent audio encoders can also simultaneously collect four audio channels and transmit them to network speakers;

        10. Equipped with 4-way power management, each power can be automatically turned on and managed during network playback;

        11. Equipped with the function of manually turning on each power supply,

        12. It can also be used as a 4-channel independent preamplifier.

        technical parameter

        1. Network interface: Standard RJ45 input

        2. Transmission rate: 100Mbps

        3. Support protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP (multicast), IETF SIP

        4. Audio format: MP3, WAV

        5. Audio mode: 16 bit CD sound quality

        6. Sampling rate: 8KHz~48KHz

        7. AUX input: 4 sets,

        8. AUX sensitivity: 350mV

        9. MIC input: 1 set

        10. MIC sensitivity: 5mV

        12. EMC sensitivity: 775mV

        13. Line output: 4 sets

        14. Line output level/impedance: 1000mV/470 Ω

        16. Standby power consumption: < 10W

        17. Frequency response: Line out: 80Hz~16KHz -3dB/+1dB. SPK OUT: 80Hz~16KHz -3dB/+1dB

        18. Harmonic distortion: ≤ 1%

        19. Signal to noise ratio: > 65dB

        20. Input power supply:~190V-240V 50Hz 60Hz

        22. Working temperature: 5 ℃~40 ℃

        23. Working humidity: 20%~80% relative humidity, no condensation